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Questions to ask when looking for a

We at Hands2Care, Inc. realize that this may be your first time dealing with a homecare company and that you may not fully understand our services. Please ask as many questions as you feel you need to understand exactly what it is we do, how we do it, when, and for how much.

Here are a few questions we typically hear from potential clients:

1. What areas are served and what services are performed?
___ transportation ___housekeeping ___ laundry ___medication reminders ___ errands ___help with bill paying ___ mail sorting ___meal preparation ___ help with other services (landscaping, etc)

Hands2Care, Inc. provides all of these services and many more! We create a personal care plan to fulfill your every need and we are available from 4 hours weekly up to 24 hours daily.

2. How will you determine who will come to the home and will you send the same aide each time?
___ same aide ___ different aides ___ two or three of the same aides determined by: ___ availability ___location ___needs

Hands2Care, Inc. tries to send the same one or two people to the home depending on the number of hours needed for care. Our goal is to have consistency, so we will develop a set schedule. We personally match our clients and Caregivers based on client needs and Caregiver strengths. We also try to match based on abilities, personalities, hobbies, etc.

3. Can we meet the person(s) who will be assigned before we sign the agreement?
Absolutely! At Hands2Care, Inc. you always have the option of meeting the potential Caregiver prior to the final agreement.

4. What is your procedure if we are not happy with whom you send out?
___ Will talk to them ___ Will remove them from service

If at any time clients are not satisfied, FOR ANY REASON, we will immediately remove that Caregiver from service and assign someone else.

5. Are your Caregivers employees or independent contractors and are they bonded and insured? What pre-employment testing is done for your employees and what is done for training?
___Criminal background check ___Motor Vehicle checks ___TB testing ___Personal and Professional References
___ Drug testing ___ Initial training ___On-going training

At Hands2Care, Inc., all Caregivers are bonded and insured and are employees of the company, which means we take out all necessary taxes and they are covered under our workers compensation. They are thoroughly screened including all of the above and more! Training is performed upon hiring and then every month. We ensure that the Caregivers we send to your home are caring, qualified and reliable individuals.

6. What happens if someone calls in, is late or doesn’t show up? What are your back-up procedures?
___ Find someone else ____ Back-up plan in place
____ FREE Service

At Hands2Care, Inc., each Caregiver has a back-up. If someone is unable to work, the back-up person for that Caregiver will be assigned. We also offer our exclusive Quality Guarantee. If the back-up Caregiver is unable to work and we can not provide service to you, your next visit is FREE. If someone is late and causes you to be late for an appointment, the visit is also FREE.

7. Cost:
___ What is the cost? ___ Are there any hidden costs?
___ Is there an assessment fee? ___ How do we pay?
___ Is there a deposit required?

Hands2Care, Inc. prices are very competitive and are generally charged by the hour. Our minimum charge per visit is 4 hours. We bill every two weeks and payment is due upon receipt of the invoice. We offer free in-home assessments so give us a call! We’d be happy to speak with you.

8. How long have you been in business and is this a franchise?
___ Franchise ___ Locally owned ___ Number of years in business

Hands2Care, Inc. is locally owned and operated and is not a franchise. As a member of The Senior’s Choice companion care network since 2006, we have access to 20+ years of knowledge, expertise, and skills.

9. Who supervises the staff?
Our Caregivers at Hands2Care, Inc. are personally supervised by the owner of the company who makes visits to the house while the Caregiver is there to ensure that everything is going smoothly. The owner stays in communication with the family and reports this information to a designated member of the family.

10. How is communication with the family maintained?
___ Telephone ___ Documentation Book

Hands2Care, Inc. not only keeps in contact with the family via phone, but we also have an exclusive “Care Plan Book” which is kept at the clients’ home. This book serves as a communication tool for families and the Caregiver(s). There is a place in the book for family (or the client) to write notes to the Caregiver(s) and the Caregiver(s) will document in the book daily as to what occurred while they were there. The book also serves as a reference for Caregivers of who to notify in emergency, location of important documents, care needed, likes and dislikes, etc.

11. What hours can I contact someone from the agency?
___ Monday through Friday ___ All hours

Someone from Hands2Care, Inc. is available 24 hours a day. Just call the main number and the answering service will locate us. We will promptly return your call.


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